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Autism Support Services

  • Itinerant Autism Consultation
    A CESA 8 Autism Consultant or specialist makes direct contact with an identified student and school team on a regular, itinerant basis. The amount, frequency, and duration are determined by the student’s IEP team, based on each his/her individual needs (can range from weekly to quarterly consultative services).

  • Time / Effort Autism Consultations
    This support service is contracted by school districts on a time and effort basis. Time and effort autism consultations typically include observation of the student with autism spectrum disorder in the school environment, and subsequent consultation provided to the school team and parents regarding any or all of the following:

    • Understanding of the features and characteristics of ASD in relation to the behaviors exhibited by the child.

    • Proactive support strategies to address and modify behaviors that are affecting learning in relation to the features and characteristics of ASD.

    • Suggestions for IEP goals and objectives.

  • Autism Evaluations
    Evaluations to determine if a child meets the DPI eligibility criteria for an educational impairment of autism are conducted (as one member of the school’s IEP evaluation team) by Dawn Mannebach of our autism team.  DPI has defined six areas that must be considered in making this determination.  An educational evaluation generally involves direct observation of the child in various contexts; direct interaction with the child; information related to the child gathered from others; review of records; and possible use of various autism rating scales as an additional information gathering tool. Our autism team members are also available upon request for independent educational evaluations.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshops, Trainings, and In-services

The CESA 8 autism consultants/trainers are available to provide trainings specifically designed to meet the needs of individual school districts, related to any aspect of ASD, including but not limited to: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (foundation workshop); Introduction to Autism and Strategies; and, Applications of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training for ASD as well as child specific information if requested (please see Deb Wall’s trainings).

Trainings can encompass a variety of timeframes, from several hours to one day. District audiences can include:

·         All district staff in-services/trainings

·         School specific staff in-services/trainings

·         Special education staff in-services/trainings

·         Student specific team in-services/trainings







Don't Limit Me (Megan Bomgaars): 

Rita Pierson Every Child Needs a Champion: http://www.ted.com/talks/rita_pierson_every_kid_needs_a_champion.html

Resilience in Families with Autism Spectrum Disorder resource: https://www.purdueglobal.edu/blog/psychology/families-and-autism

"Resilience in Families with Autism Spectrum Disorder," published by Dr. Nicole Hamilton of Purdue University Global, is a resource that details the factors of resiliency in families with autism, how to build stronger family outcomes, and provides a list of national resources available for families.


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