cooperative educational service agency 8

Career & Technical Education Department

John Knickerbocker, Director, knickerb@cesa8.org
Ellayne Trevor, Program Assistant, etrevor@cesa8.org

The LVEC Department at CESA 8 has provided grant writing, program planning, monitoring, and evaluation services for local districts for many years. Utilizing the Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act funding, this service helps local district career and technical education programs keep current with industry standards and develop new coursework in line with labor marketing demands.

Assuring all students have access to all educational opportunities is the focus of educational equity. In addition to the Wisconsin DPI requiring a Pupil Nondiscrimination Program (PI-1197) Annual Compliance Report from each district, they also require districts complete an audit of their equity related programming every 5 years. CESA 8 has technical assistance services available to assist districts in meeting the state requirements. Districts interested in these services should contact the LVEC Department for more information.

Along with educational standards like math, science, and English, the State of Wisconsin requires all public school districts to meet or exceed the Education for Employment Standard (“M”). This standard assures that students not only have essential basic skills, but are “career ready” by the time they graduate from high school. The LVEC Department at CESA 8 has services available to help districts assess the E4E programming, develop a district plan, and monitor their progress. Districts interested in these services should contact the LVEC Department for more information.

This is a teaching strategy that utilizes a student-driven project in order to help deliver instruction in just about any school subject. The LVEC Department can provide technical assistance to individual teachers or an entire staff in order to effectively plan and carry out a service-learning project.

CESA 8 has an instructor available to assist local school districts in providing driver education programming. The instructor can plan curriculum, provide required classroom training, and teach behind-the-wheel lessons to students. Schools interested in this service should contact John Knickerbocker.