cooperative educational service agency 8

Special Education Services

Lisa Misco, Special Education Director, lmisco@cesa8.org
Deb Wall, RSN Director, dwall@cesa8.org
Wendi Schreiter, EC Special Education Coordinator, wschreiter@cesa8.org
Joanne Laurich, Transition Support & TBI Resources, jlaurich@cesa8.org
Sue Lambrecht, Program Assistant, slambrecht@cesa8.org
Julie Philipps, Program Assistant, jphilipps@cesa8.org
Ellayne Trevor, Program Assistant, SBS/Medicaid Billing, etrevor@cesa8.org
Susan Schuettpelz, Program Assistant, susans@cesa8.org
Kristin DePouw, Audiologist, kdepouw@cesa8.org


The primary goal of CESA 8 special education department is to provide a comprehensive set of programs, staff, and services to assist districts in meeting the needs of their students.