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The web-based application designed to enhance the study of classroom-level learning design and educator practice.

Transform the way you record, analyze, and generate reports on observations of student engagement and academic progress.

Capturing and organizing observations can be a cumbersome task for educators, administrators, and researchers. 

That's why we created myImpact with simplicity and efficiency in mind. 

Our app streamlines the process of recording observations, making it easy and intuitive for users to track and analyze the impact the learning environment and teaching practices have on student engagement and academic progress.

Gone are the days of spending hours manually calculating statistics and creating graphs for data analysis. 

myImpact automates statistical computations, freeing up valuable time for teachers, administrators, and researchers to focus on what matters most – studying the impact of learning environments and classroom practices on student engagement and achievement. 

At the same time observations are being entered, our app updates reports that provide in-depth analysis and valuable insights, empowering users to have deep reflective conversations and make data-informed decisions.

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User-Friendly Interface: myImpact has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both tech-savvy individuals and those new to data observation recording.

Customizable Rubrics: myImpact enables teams to identify up to four engagement criteria relevant for the student population they serve. Teams also choose an academic focus area and up to four academic criteria they know will be likely to change as the learning environment and classroom practices are modified.

Efficient Data Recording: Our app simplifies the process of capturing data, allowing users to effortlessly log classroom observations.

Automated Statistical Calculations: Say goodbye to manual calculations. myImpact automates statistical analysis, saving time and eliminating the risk of human error.

Comprehensive Reporting: Comprehensive reports are generated simultaneously as observations are entered. myImpact offers a range of reports that deliver clear insights and aid in analyzing the impact on students.

Collaboration and Sharing: Collaborate seamlessly with team members and share observations effortlessly. myImpact facilitates collaboration, ensuring that insights are easily shared and discussed among stakeholders.

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At myImpact, we believe that studying the impact of learning environments and classroom practices on student engagement and academic progress is essential for fostering continuous improvement in education. Our mission is to provide educators, administrators, and researchers with a powerful tool that simplifies the data recording process, reduces the burden of statistical calculations, and generates reports for meaningful analysis.

Join us on this transformative journey as we advance the study of classroom-level impacts on student engagement and academic progress. Subscribe to myImpact today and unlock the power of data-informed reflection and decision-making.

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