Universal Design for Learning

UDL is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for  everyone based on scientific insights into how humans learn. The UDL framework focuses on removing barriers to learning and opening doors to  success for ALL learners. The ultimate goal of UDL is for students to become expert learners. Expert learners are purposeful and motivated; resourceful and knowledgeable; and strategic and goal-directed (CAST).

CESA 8 supports district adoptions of UDL as a system-wide curriculum and instruction approach to ensure everyone is engaged in educational excellence. 

To transform the learning environment, teaching and learning tools, and instructional practices, a three to five year implementation model includes:

  • Training and coaching the implementation team

  • Providing staff professional development

  • Facilitating whole-staff book studies

  • Developing and supporting an implementation data system

  • Supporting scaling the implementation across teams and buildings

For more information, contact:

joann miller

JoAnn Miller

Director of Continuous Improvement

920.557.2199 or 920.855.2114

ext. 279