Title I

Title I services are provided to all CESA 8 school districts at a free or reduced cost

  1. Provide Title I consultation on Title I-A law, programming, the ESEA application, reporting requirements, and monitoring.

  2. Facilitate Title I Coordinators Network Meetings.

  3. Provide and in-service for new Title I Coordinators.

  4. Help districts with a Title I needs assessment.

  5. Represent the districts at DPI meetings and provide follow-up information.

  6. Respond to district personnel questions or advise on Title I programming and budget decisions.

  7. Offer ESEA consolidation grant workshops and assist in the preparation and implementation of the grant.

  8. Work as a liaison between the district, DPI, and the DPI educational consultant Kristine Nadolski, kristine.nadolski@dpi.wi.gov) assigned to CESA 8.

  9. Offer staff development to all districts based on the needs assessment and Title I Coordinator's recommendations.

Title I Program Elements


  • comparability,

  • parent involvement,

  • evaluation of services provided to students enrolled in private schools,

  • high-quality teachers and paraprofessionals,

  • coordination of services for homeless students in non-Title I schools,

  • needs assessment and program plan design, and

  • sanctions and support for schools identified for improvement (SIFI).

Delineation of Services

Statewide Network Title I Free Services

CESA 8 Title I Fee for Service Options

For more information, contact:

jamee belland

Jamee Belland

Co-Director of CIA

920.557.2806 or 920.855.2114

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