New North Regional Career Pathways

In order to offer a regional career pathway, districts must offer a sequence of 2  career and technical education (CTE) courses along with 2 or more of the following:

  • Industry recognized credential (IRC)

  • Dual credit course

  • Work based learning

  • Career and technical student organiz​ation (CTSO)

Congratulations to the following New North Consortium districts from CESA 8 which have submitted Regional Career Pathway maps. Click on the links below to access each district's state-endorsed Regional Career Pathway:

Agriculture, Foods and Natural Resources

Architecture and Construction:

Business - Finance:

Business - Management:

Business - Marketing:

Direct Patient Care:

Education and Training:

Hospitality, Culinary and Tourism

Information Technology:


For questions about the Pathways project in North-Central Wisconsin, contact NWCP Grant Coordinator Valerie Brooks at