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myImpact developed as an evolution of a spreadsheet tool. Initially, the tool was used by a select few teams studying the impact of Universal Design for Learning implementation on student engagement and academic progress in Northeast Wisconsin school districts. The spreadsheet tool organized and transformed observations teachers collected during teacher-practice inquiry trials.

CESA 8's myImpact data application enables collaborative teams in any sized school districts to use classroom-based Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles to understand the impact of high-leverage, research-supported learning design on THEIR students in THEIR classrooms.

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CESA 8 is an intermediate service agency which provides programs, services, and resources to 27 school districts in Northeastern Wisconsin. CESA 8 is committed to helping the school districts meet educational needs of their students. 

The CESA structure in Wisconsin was created to provide "better education through cooperation." CESA 8 has provided services and programs to its member districts for over a quarter of a century. 

Investing in the development of the myImpact data application tool aligns to CESA 8's mission of Everyone Engaged in Educational Excellence. myImpact is an enabling technology creating structures for classroom-centered practice inquiry that eliminate the labor-intensive tasks of statistical analysis and graphing. Professional educators will be able to dedicate their limited time to what matters most - reflecting on student impact through collaborative discussions with other professionals.