CESA 8 Staff, along with teachers, specialists, and leaders from six CESA 8 districts, recently met for the last of eight day-long knowledge-building sessions on Leadership in Literacy.  Thanks to all who participated!
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A group of educators listens to a presentation.
A presenter talks about Leadership in Literacy.
A full room of educators participates in a professional development workshop.
This is the last call for this free professional development opportunity. https://www.cesa8.k12.wi.us/events?id=28581699
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Professional Development Flyer
CESA 8 is the site for S.M.A.R.T. training this week. S.M.A.R.T. training is a multi-sensory approach to learning designed to develop and enhance the physiological and neurological readiness skills students need to succeed in school. With these readiness skills in place, students have the necessary tools to learn to read, write, and receive information in the classroom. Thank you, Amber Molle, from the Pulaski School District, for facilitating this work!
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Amber Molle presents to a large group.
Teachers creating classroom materials.
Teachers creating classroom materials.
Teachers creating classroom materials.
Teachers creating classroom materials.
Teachers creating classroom materials.
Teachers creating classroom materials.
Teachers creating classroom materials.
Amber Molle presents to a group of educators.
We thank all our school district delegates for participating in the annual CESA 8 Convention. It was a fantastic opportunity to share our past year's success and vision for the next school year.
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CESA 8 annual convention meeting
Dave Honish speaks to a group of people.
A group of school board members listens to a presentation from  Dave Honish.
Take a look at this exciting opportunity.
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K-5 Civics/Social Studies Extravaganza
We want to thank everyone who participated in today's workshop, Connecting the Dots: Leveraging Best Practices for OT & PT Support in Your District—special thanks to Carlynn Higbie for making the trip from CESA 1 to facilitate the event.
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A group of Ot's and Pt's listen to a presenation.
A small group of OT"s and PT's participate in a workshop at CESA 8.
Check out the link below or scan the QR code for more information about a valuable Substitute Teacher Training opportunity at CESA 8 on July 31st. https://secure.smore.com/n/v9mgc
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Sub training graphic
CESA 8's Director of Business Operations, Nick Curran, recently presented "What CESA Can Do For Your Business Services and Operations" at the WASBO Spring Conference. We are proud of our business office's work with school districts, and sharing our best practices at conferences is another way to support education.
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Nick Curran speaking at a conference.
The CESA 8 team also had the chance to honor some retirees at our year-end picnic celebration. We congratulate Betty, Deb (pictured), and Laura for their dedication and service to the agency. We wish you the best! Betty Kaliebe: 38 years Deb Wall: 26 years Laura Toreck: 13 years
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Deb Wall with a retirement gift.
CESA 8 took time to honor some milestone anniversaries at our year-end picnic. Please join us in congratulating these employees for their years of service at CESA 8.
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Sue Lambrecht with a recognition certificate.
Molly Jacobson with a recognition certificate.
Erin Vande Hei  with a recognition certificate.
Gina Nelson with a recognition certificate.
Jessica Carriveau and Kristin Hodkiewicz t with a recognition certificate.
Anne Schumacher and Kim Robison with a recognition certificate.
We wish the class of 2024 all the best in your future journies.
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Congratulations class of 2024 graphic.
Here is an exciting opportunity.
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A flyer for the WI. Career Readiness Summit.
CESA 8 physical therapists recently met with representatives from Etac, a world-leading developer of innovative assistive devices. The representatives demonstrated some of their equipment and mobility devices available for children with disabilities and special needs. Our team is constantly exploring new ways they can help students.
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A small group of educators poses for a picture with mobility devices.
CESA 8 staff listen to a presentation.
CESA 8 staff listen to a presentation.
Originally called Decoration Day, from the early tradition of decorating graves with flowers, wreaths, and flags, Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have died in service to our country.
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A photo honoring Memorial Day.
We are back on Twitter, or as it is now known as "X." You know what we mean. Please give us a follow at x.com/CESAeight.
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Follow us on X graphic.
Our Career and Life Ready Department offers students many career exploration opportunities. CESA 8's Dean Leisgang recently joined a group of students in Rhinelander for company tours. The tours will be part of a video project highlighting Regional Career Pathways.
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Dean Leisgang on a company tour of Ponsse with students.
Students listen to an employee on a company tour.
Students listen to an employee took about his job on a company tour.
Students listen to an employee from Ponsse on a company tour.
We are gearing up to share even more content about our school districts and CESA 8 on LinkedIn. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date. www.linkedin.com/company/cesa8
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Check us out on LinkedIn graphic.
CESA 8's Dean Leisgang recently spent some time in the Suring Public Schools, filming a video to showcase all the great student opportunities. Click the link below to see the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHhLkOIDj-Q Thank you, Eagles, for the hospitality!
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Students from surrounding CESA 8 school districts and Bridge the Gap recently converged on Gillett for the Victory Olympics. The event celebrates our students with special needs by allowing them to compete in many activities. Check out our Facebook page to see the photo gallery.
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Students bowling outside.
The CESA 8 team recently completed a second session of our internal continuous improvement lean training. It was time well spent as we worked to find efficiencies in our day-to-day operations. Thank you, Jo Miller, for leading us in this work!
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Internal staff listen to Jo Miller's presentation
Jo Miller provides a presentation to a small group of CESA 8 employees.